Five Questions with Makayla Taylor

Q:  How have sports influenced your life and what have they taught you?

A:  “Sports are my life; volleyball is my life. Sports have taught me a lot like responsibility, how to win and lose, and how to be a team player.”

Q:  How did you tear your ACL?

A:  “I tore it in a soccer game versus La Serna. I was going one-on-one with the goalie. When she came out to get the ball, I went in to kick the ball. We ran into each other wrong—my leg went back and my body twisted the other way—she fell on top of me.”

Q:  Will this injury be a major setback for you?

A:  “Yes because I will be out for a good 6-8 months, but I’m going to work really hard to get back. It’s more of a mental thing now.”

Q:  How have you adjusted to the temporary detachment of sports in your life?

A:  “I haven’t. It’s really hard for me, and I’m still not used to it. I’m getting emotional just talking about it.”

Q:  Do you feel that after your ACL has healed, you will never be able to play with the same potential as before?

A:  “Yes, definitely! I’m a hard worker, and I will not allow myself to be any less good than I was before.”