Keeping Downey Beautiful

Genevieve Gaubert, Photographer

Keeping Downey Beautiful took place on Saturday, Jan. 14. This is a monthly event that involved people that went out to better their community, by walking around on the streets and picking up trash.


One of the volunteers, Betsie explains how she believes this event will change the views on our community.


“If people see something junkie being cleaned up, they will throw away their trash,” Betsie stated, “and if people see us cleaning they might go out and help.”


Not only do the citizens of Downey come out to help but also students of Downey High School in Builders and Key Club.


A member of the Builders Club, Giselle Valadez, explains how she comes out to support the club and help out with the event.


“I am in the Builders Club at my school and we do community service,” Valadez said, “so I come out to support what we do.”


Determined to help Downey stay beautiful, and attend this event each month, volunteers have high hopes that people will notice what they are doing and help.


Volunteer and member of the Key Club, Andrea Vera,  states how often she comes out for this event.


“Every single clean up I come,” Vera said. “I’ve come here for one year almost two now; I like coming for everyone they have.”


Keeping Downey beautiful is a meaningful event that helps the community and allows for many to see what others have done to help. It shows how people are willing to clean up and not only keep Downey beautiful but have a safe environment. The event takes place every Saturday through May 2016.