California Fish Grill at the Promenade

Sabrina Picou, Editor-In-Chief

To commence the opening of their restaurant at the Downey Promenade, the California Fish Grill served free meals to the public all weekend long, starting on April 15. This restaurant is a spot for fresh fish, chicken, and shrimp and it is one of thirteen locations in Southern California.


Manager Yesenia Rodriguez, one of three managers, emphasizes that their fish are healthy and fresh daily.


“The quality of the seafood is great and the fact that you can get it at affordable prices and it’s large servings and it’s healthy and it’s fresh,” Rodriguez said. “We have different vendors and every fish comes from a different place, like our salmon comes from Canada and our trout comes from the U.S.A.”


The restaurant is an order and sit down style venue, where the cashier gives the customer a buzzer to know when their order is ready. The customer then picks up their food at an island in the middle of the restaurant.


Employee Robert Chavez reviews the order to make sure it is accurate and then hands it to the customer at the island.


“I like the environment and the people that come in here; it is really friendly,” Chavez said. “It’s cool because not a lot of people have tried our place before and now a lot of people are knowing about it and its great food.”


Citizens of Downey heard of this new place to dine where they could enjoy quality seafood.


“It was a wonderful experience,” customer Sharon Beard said. “I liked the taste and the portion size and the quality; I would come again.”


The California Fish Grill hosted their grand opening on April 21 and is located at the Downey Promenade at 8990 Apollo way Downey, CA.