Round and round the carnival lights go

From May 10-12, Downey High hosts a carnival in the south parking lot to fundraise for band, football, and baseball. The carnival was open to the public and admission was free.

Gabby Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Downey High School hosted a carnival in the south parking lot from Friday, May 10 to Sunday May 12 where the attractions ranged from amusing rides, entertaining game booths, and tasty carnival food. The funds raised through the social event were meant to boost income for the baseball and football teams, and band.

All three nights were filled with students roaming the lot that was packed with eye-grabbing rides ranging from kiddy-like carousels to more extreme rides such as Pharaoh’s Fury, Zero Gravity, and the highly acclaimed Zipper. The night saw carnival attendees use the event as a place where a group of friends could join together, share a couple of laughs, and face their fears of heights and stomach turning coasters.

Sophomore Kristi Alcaron attended the carnival on Friday night to support her school’s sports team as well as enjoy the company of her friends and the carnival’s main attractions.

“I went to the carnival to support the guy’s baseball team,” Alcaron said. “The best part was riding on the rides, hanging out with my friends, and eating lots of food.”

The amusement type rides weren’t the only thing that appealed to the carnival goers. Booths were stationed in various spots around the lot and provided the people with both savory and sweet treats. Cravings were satisfied by stands selling popcorn, corn dogs, cotton candy, shaved ice, and other quick foods.

Senior Yesenia Medina, although mainly attending the carnival to explore the rides and game booths with friends, was also looking forward to the treats the special event provided.

“I came to the carnival because I wanted to see my friends, walk around, and eat some cotton candy,” Medina said.

With a lot full of students from different high schools and middle schools, parents and their young children were also mixed in the group of supporters, enjoying the ambiance of the fun inducing occasion.

Emmanuel Pena, a resident of the city of Pico Rivera, travelled with his wife and children to Downey to support the cause and was content with the outcome of the carnival.

“We came to support the city,” Pena said. “The best part is probably the environment; it’s very friendly and we also came to support our daughter’s school.”

Stomach turning rides and sticky treats appealed to the students and allowed them to experience an enjoyable night at a school event. Not only was the fun filled environment able to give the students a memorable day, it also gave the pupils an opportunity to contribute to the sports and music program, raising money for good causes.