Prom Fashion Show

Alicia Garcia, Photographer

Encore, the fashion club, hosted the annual Prom Fashion Show in the school theatre on Thursday, April 27 after school at 3 p.m. The fashion show’s purpose was to advertise gowns displayed by senior class members for the upcoming senior prom at the Alexandria Ballroom.


Member of the stylist committee in the club, Monserrath Ramirez, 11, put together the models’ outfits and cosmetics.


“We prepared by having an amazing team who did what they needed to do and prepared for this event months ahead,” Ramirez said.  “My motivation is that I want to be a fashion journalist.”


Senior class men wore tuxedos complementary to the gowns and walked, in pairs that were actually attending prom, down the runway. This year’s prom theme of Enchanted Rose was portrayed through the decorations and outfits at the show that were arranged by the club members.


As part of the decorations committee, Sharon Nino, 12, helped plan out how the runway would be decorated and assembled in a way that portrayed the Enchanted Rose theme.


“It was a great experience to be able to plan out arrangements to make the event a successful show,” Nino said. “Working with other girls who have an interest in fashion is also great.”


The members of the club reflect their passion for the fashion industry by creating their own runway show similar to runway shows in the fashion industry. Senior students auditioned for positions as models and spent many days practicing for the walk.


Because she had participated in the previous year’s show, April Gonzales, 12, knew what to expect during the walk down the runway.


“Honestly, as being one of the models I was very shy and timid so that’s why it was a great experience,” Gonzales said. “If I had the chance to do it again I would.”


The prom fashion show gave seniors a glimpse of the types of attire that exemplified this year’s prom theme of Enchanted Rose. The event was created and hosted by Encore club which consists of individuals with a passion in fashion.