New Clubs at Downey High School

Cesar Lopez, Writer

With the start of the new school year at Downey high school, comes the start of new clubs. Animal Rescue Club, Music to my Ears Club, and Downey Calculus Club are the latest edition of clubs to be offered. 

Animal Rescue Club aims to spread awareness about animal cruelty and encourage people to adopt.

Jenna Trujillo, 12, president of Animal Rescue Club, shares the purpose of her club. “We hope to help as many animals as we can; especially animals in shelters. Our goals are to help… animal shelters and organizations, we also plan to volunteer at animal shelters,” Trujillo stated. “We plan to save as many [animals as] we can.”

Balancing school life and personal life can be difficult, Music To My Ears club hopes to create a space to help balance that stress.

Jonathan Toledo, 12, president of the Music to my Ears club, states why he started the club. “My inspiration for creating my club was using something that everyone loves or knows very well such as music and turning it into some type of place that can act as a refuge from school stress for all students,” Toledo stated. “I believe my club will stay alive as everyone at some point in their life has connected with music in a deep way.”

Whether you’re taking regular, honors, or AP math, you’re bound to struggle at some point. But not to worry, Downey Calculus Club is here to help.

Kimberly Lopez, 12, secretary of Downey Calculus Club, insights us on how they will reach out to students. “We are hoping this club can branch out to many students who are in need [of] help in math, not only to calculus but [also those] who are planning on taking the course,” Lopez stated. “We hope to capture the attention of students in need of extra help or assistance in their work.” 

And there we have, the newest clubs at Downey High, more information about them can be found via @Downeyvikes Instagram or Downey High School website.