Spring Break Activities

Denise Rodriguez and Miranda Ortiz

Downey High School students finally have a break from school after three long months. How are students spending their spring break? Let’s take a look at what some of Downey High School students will be doing over the spring break.

“My plans for spring break are to spend time with my family in Rosarito, Baja California” says Alexis Alvarado (12), “I am also planning on hanging out with my friends and painting at home.”

Alvarado continues and says, “I’m most excited for getting some rest,” as many students may be, “and spending more time with my siblings.” As a senior at Downey High she says, “it feels relieving and refreshing to get a break from AP classes,” along with “I’m excited that I have more time to spend with my dogs and watch a new series. After some time with no break she explains, “I’m excited to come back to school with a positive mindset and ready to graduate high school,” and with that, “I hope I end my high school career on a positive note along with my friends,” she pronounces. 

Another student at our campus will be spending a break in a similar way. “My plans would be to go out with friends but to at least get out the house and to get some self care in,” Arissa Montes, 12, says, “My family is planning to go on trip so hopefully that would do me some good as well.” Her family traditions include riding jet skis on the beach in which she says is a great stress reliever: “I’m most excited to go to the beach and ride Jet skis with family and friends and I really want to create more memories with them and have a good time and relax.” Montes explains how, “It feels good to have a break since winter break and I think it’s gonna be good for all of us to take time for ourselves.” Her positive mindset says, “I am hoping to come back recharged and to finish the school year strong and not slack off.” 

Renae Rios,12, decides to take some time over spring break to prepare for prom saying, “My plans for spring break are probably going prom dress shopping or going to the beach with my friends.” She expresses how she feels when asked what most looking forward to responding with, “I’m most excited for graduation and senior activities after we come back. I am ready to come back recharged and ready to finish the school year.” Rios adds, “I’m glad we get another break because I do look forward to having time for myself and being stress free.”

Additionally, Joshua Lang, 12, also plans to travel over spring break revealing, “This spring break I’m going to go to Prescott, Arizona. I will also be going to the lake to get on jet skis with my family,” Lang continues, “I’m most excited about getting out of my comfort zone.” When asked how he felt about having a break–considering the last time students were granted a break was back in January–Lang shockingly proclaimed, “Since January? I didn’t really notice it went by that fast, but I’m most grateful for another break.” And on a positive note Lang affirms, “I am hoping to come back recharged and ready to finish the school year.”

Downey High School hopes spring break will be a way for all staff, teachers and students to relax and recharge. Let’s finish this school year off strong Vikings!