Downey Dance Holds TLC fundraiser

Lukas Luna, Writer

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  • On Feb. 21, Constantina Hernand, 12, performs as a soloist and alongside the Downey High School dance team at the Benefit Dance Concert held in the Downey Civic theatre. “It’s [Benefit dance] important because I feel that giving back to the community is the best thing that we can do,” Hernand said. “Showing our love by being a part of it [Benefit Dance] is an incredibly satisfying feeling.”

  • In a concert held to raise funds for TLC, Jenny Camacho, 11, is part of the concert with the Downey High School Dance Team. “It’s important because you can see how many different types of dance there are. We had salsa, african, and hip-hop all come together in one event,” Camacho said. “It helps bring us together. There are so many different studios, like Lynwood and Gahr, but we all came together and put on a good show.”

  • A member of the Downey High School dance team, Chloe Gonzales,10, performs a stage titled Big Shot. “I think it’s important because it boosts other dance team’s confidence,” Gonzales said. “We get to share dance as a whole and speak with one voice. So many cities are coming together to share their passion of dance and we all get to enjoy each other.”

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On Feb 21, the Downey High School dance team held its annual TLC fundraiser at the Downey Civic Theater. The event consisted of dance routines performed by dance teams from all across Downey and other cities such as Lynwood and Gahr.


TLC has long depended on events such as this to help raise money for its services. The Downey High School dance team in particular has been fundraising with the annual dance showcase for the past five years. Dancer Jenny Camacho, 11, feels that fundraisers like these help make a difference.


“Events like this raise money for TLC and get people to support a good cause,” Camacho said. “All the money helps, every penny.”


While the event was held specifically to raise money for TLC, that did not stop the various teams from showcasing their skill in the art of dance. The power of the performances was felt strongly by sophomore Raymond Ortiz.


“Dance is such a beautiful art and it deserves more recognition,” Ortiz said. “I think that dance allows everyone unite through its beauty.”         


One of the event’s biggest accomplishment was how it was able to bring entire communities  together. From the audience to the various performing dance teams, the TLC fundraiser brought people from all camps under one roof in support of a good cause. Instructor from Maya Room Dance Studio, Carolina Soldoria feels that the event helped impart good morals to everyone involved.  


“There are a lot of dancers here and they’ll be able to go home knowing that they have helped with fundraisers like this,” Soldoria said. “It makes them feel good.”


Information on the teams that performed can be found below