Airpods, Your Opinion?

Diego Martinez, Copy Editor

On Sep. 12th, 2017, Apple unveiled their new Airpower charger and hinted at the release of a next generation Apple Airpods. The successor to the original Airpods is rumoured to be released around March of this year, and Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the new design. Since its original release in Dec. 13 of 2016, the Airpod trend has struck Downey High as well, with students on campus using the earpieces everyday.


The device uses Bluetooth software and hardware, pairing to your phone to access calls and music at high quality. The battery life at maximum capacity extends to five hours and comes with a battery case, where the earpieces can be put out of harm’s way and charge. Though, with the average cost being $159.99, it can be questioned whether or not it is worth the purchase.


The support for the Airpods stems from students like sophomore Diane Garzone, who enjoys the quality of her listening experience with the earpieces. As an avid music consumer, she likes her artists to sound the best they can and enjoy every part of their art.


“I really like how good everything sounds, as I couldn’t hear anything this well before with my other headphones,” Garzone stated. “I’m also a big fan of the easy call system, as it opens calls with just my voice.”


Though, like with any trend, people will have opposing views, as some students like senior Daniel Rivera, dislike the Airpods. He sees it as a waste of money and just another mediocre product from another money-hungry company. Rivera prefers products as equal as their worth, and thinks that Apple simply overcharges for subpar hardware and outdated software.


“I just really dislike the fact they’re so expensive; many other companies have had the same thing for years for a cheaper price and get no recognition,” Rivera stated. “I don’t think that the second Airpods 2 will be any different from the first, it’s all just labeling and people buy it just for the name.”


While the support and criticism is expected, junior Jacklyn Quintero thinks it’s all about personal taste and want. Quintero believes having Airpods is a choice people will make simply because they want to have the newest products, and the same applies to the other side.


“It’s just trendy, but they’re useful and serve a purpose to many, and I think that’s cool as they also look nice,” Quintero stated. “I personally think the next Airpods will be just as popular since that’s just how people are.”


New features, technology, and design makes freshman Justin Cuevas excited for the Airpods 2. Believing in the ingenuity that Apple has brought to the world, he intends on buying them as soon as they’re released. Cuevas is excited for the new software the products have, as well as the better design.


“The new bluetooth is going to make everything sound so good and I can’t wait,” Cuevas stated. “I also like the new thinner design, the new software, as well as its the stuff I wait patiently for and it’s always worth it.”

With students more connected through technology, the new Airpods 2 have surely grasped the attention of the tech-savvy students on campus. Many awaiting simply for the fashion, and many for the quality, students are excited for their release. Apple has more information on their new device coming out soon.