Downey High’s Annual Food Drive

Passionate about the food drive, Bryan Sandoval, 12, does what he can to make the food drive as successful as possible. “All year different things are happening and we wait for different things,” Sandoval said, “But I’m always waiting for the food drive because it’s the best thing that’s happening in the school that helps others.”

Vanessa Carrillo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Gathering cans together to help the Downey community, Downey High School and the Downey Parent Teacher Student Association, HELPS, or Health Educational Local Pantry Services, marked Sept. 10 as the first day of their annual food drive.


Mrs. Gunderson, one of Downey’s EAP math teachers, although did not place this years food drive, explains how she usually gets her students to participate every year.


“I would usually tell a story to my classes about a family I grew up with here at Downey High who got most of their food from the food drive,” Mrs. Gunderson stated. “I would usually tell them that it is something I find very important.”


All fourth period classes competed to raise the highest amount of donations, to place top three. Top three classes receive either a donut, ice cream, or a pizza party.


As ASB member, Alyssa Cortez, 12, went around to collect food donations during fourth period, she explains why students should join in and donate food items.


“People should donate because it really helps out the community,” Cortez stated. “It’s a great way for people to help out those in need.”


The main goal for this year’s food drive was to reach 15,000 food items by Sept. 21. Running through the span of two weeks, ASB member, Jason Camacho, 12, explains his feeling on the progress in week one.


“Its going good so far but not yet great,” Camacho stated. “Not great because we can always do better.”


All donations were collected in the ASB room, then were transferred to HELPS, a food bank located at Apollo Park.


The winners of this years food drive were classes of, Mr. Young in first place once again with a total of 873 donations, Mrs. Mendoza as well a returning placer, placing second place with a total of 858 donations, and Mrs. Bean in third place with 261 donations.


Downey High Schools annual food drive, although not having reached their main goal, has managed to raise a total of 5,320 donations throughout all fourth period classes. Which is still a good portion for helping out those in need in our community.