Downey’s Post-it Contest Recreation

Vanessa Carrillo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

‘For the past two years students from Ms. Berumen, Mrs. Carbajal, Ms. Cordova, Mrs. Joest, Ms. Nikaj and Mrs. Puente have all been collaborating with each other every year in a post-it art show. Downey Highs’ J building has been covered with over 1,432 post-it drawings, all being left out for display for other students to see and vote on.


The idea of this post-it show came from the art gallery, Giant Robot, located in west Los Angeles. The art gallery was created by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd and is a way for artists of all types to show off and sell their art pieces on post-its. Going on it’s 14th annual post-it show, the art gallery consists of entries from artist unknown, to Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, and James Jean, a taiwanese american visual artist.


There are multiple winners to this “contest”, one winner get chosen out of all art classes, and small winners get chosen per period of each art class.


Alysa Flores, 12, explains how it feels to be a winner of Downeys’ mini post-it art contest.


“Good, I really didn’t expect to win, at least in my class,” Flores stated. “I just used a photo I liked on space.”


The overall winner of the contest received a gift card and a certificate, acknowledging their win and the individual classroom winners receive a goody bag from their teachers.


One winner of Mrs. Carbajals’ class, Lizbeth Portillo, 11, explains how she found her inspiration for her winning piece.


“ I saw this asian girls selfie on Instagram and I decided to draw her,” Portillo stated. “I just thought she was so beautiful, it was just the moment.”


Likewise to the Giant Robot gallery, students can submit any type of artwork as they please. Artists can submit pieces made with the style of pop art, surrealism, cubism etc. as long as it is a post-it or a tile the size being 3×3.


Not having a specific idea in mind, when thinking of what to submit, Isabel Flores, 11, looked at a painting of Frida Carol on Mrs. Carbajal’s’ wall and simply submitted a sketch of her.


“Who would have thought it would have won,” Flores stated. “It starts out as a disaster before it comes out gorgeous.”


Students can visit the Giant Robot art gallery on Swatella Blvd. in West Los Angeles, or visit Doweys own recreation, in the J building. Post-its will be up until March 29.