Battle of the Sexes

Jerry Lozano, 12, gives his opinion about the Battle of the Sexes this year overall as one of the hosts of the event. “I feel like this year was my favorite Battle of the Sexes and that the students also seemed to enjoy it very much,” Lozano said. “The energies were all high ‘til the very end.”

Alexis Gutierrez, Writer

From March 26-30 Downey high hosted the annual Battle of the Sexes week. The Battle of the Sexes is entire week which is a competition to both fundraise money for TLC as well as a competition for boys and girls to prove which gender is best.


The Battle of the Sexes week leads up to a rally on Thursday night, during the rally there is an annual heel race where students have put money towards four male and four female teachers, these teachers then do a relay race in heels, this year the male teachers won the heel race and the competition, with Mr. Hobbs coming in a mere few seconds before Mrs. A.


Juan Gonzalez 12, and vice president of the Stop the Traffik club, and helper coordinator of the Battle of the Sexes week.


“Since this is my senior year, I’m really hoping that the legacy for this event can continue and keep going, since it helps TLC and it’s really enjoyable for all the students.” Gonzalez stated.


For the last four years, downey high school club, Stop the Traffik, had partnered up with Downey ASB and coordinated to make a Battle of the Sexes possible, they sold t-shirts and continually prompted students to donate towards a teacher. The total money donated towards the teacher for the heel race alone was over $7,000.


Eric Bradfield, competitor in the heel race speaks on his experience of running in heels.


“I don’t usually do competitions like that, like running in heels” Bradfield said. “But I was selected to do it, it was really fun my family came and my kids came, they all had a great time”.


The rally has 14 games where the boys and girl vikes compete to gain points for the winning score. Some of the games included, vine recognition and performing, spelling out the word body with students bodies, the hungry hippos game with balloons and more.


Both the dance team and the Cheer team performed their routines at the rally, there was a team of “manleaders” who also performed a routine along with a stunt.

Julian Reyes 11, Battle of the Sexes attendee, speaks his opinion on the man-leaders go a cheer routine.

“It was really crazy to see a comparison of the man-leaders to the actual cheerleaders,” Reyes stated. “The actual cheerleaders looked so sharp and  precise while the boys looked so, bent and messy, it was better then one would have expected though so I’ll give them that.”

The event is followed the next day by a Powder Puff game at 6pm at Downey Highs stadium. Students dress up through the week to show school spirit for the upcoming game, Monday was Classy Vs Bummy, Tuesday Denim vs. Leather, Wednesday Nike vs Adidas and Thursday Pink vs Blue, and Friday as Viking Pride.