Stop the Traffick Fundraises for Sex Trafficking Awareness Month

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

The club Stop the Traffick, offered on campus, is dedicated to spreading awareness of sex trafficking as well as raising funds for a local organization. During this time, the club is actively participating in light of Human Trafficking Awareness Month.


The month of January was officially declared National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in 2010. Human Trafficking is the exploitation and enslavement of humans, most often within the sex industry. In this month, attention to the cause as well as fundraising efforts are emphasized and encouraged throughout the country.


The club has been involved in a variety of activities to in the past as club treasurer which includes working with an local organization, Shirley Marquez, 12, explains.


“In December the club made Christmas basket for the girls in Orangewood, an organization meant to help girls with refuge and everything in between,” Marquez said. “Currently, we are making posters to be placed around the school which are meant to educate and raise awareness during Human Trafficking awareness month.”


Club secretary, Brehana Hernandez, 12, describes the significance the cause and she feels motivated to help.


“It’s incredibly common, especially with the most vulnerable demographic, children,” Hernandez said. “The average age of children involved in sex trafficking is the age 14.”


Club Vice President of Stop the Traffick, Juan Gonzalez, 12, emphasizes why this cause is worth the work and how others in the school should join the club.


“Many people may feel it’s a fruitless effort due to how widespread the issue is,” Gonzales said. “Yet the more people that stand together for this cause, the more funds there are to help other organizations like Orangewood that truly make a difference in people’s lives.”


During the month of January, the club will be fundraising by selling donuts as well as wristbands to help halt the pervasive issue of human trafficking in the area.