#What’s Trending: Knott’s Scary Farm

Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer

Knott’s Scary Farm is a seasonal attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm and this year marks the forty fourth year the part has done this month long event. The theme park currently holds the largest Halloween event, with nine mazes and rides decorated for Halloween for a real thrill of ghostly fun.


Jenna Meza, 10, attended Knott’s Scary Farm earlier this month and enjoyed the Voodoo maze, one of the park’s multiple attractions.


“The whole thing gets better each year,” Meza said. “Their costumes and acting improves. The masks and effects make it seem more realistic, and the details put into the costumes like blood dripping or the skulls must’ve taken a lot of effort.”


Kelvin Gordiano, 11, has also gone to Knott’s Scary Farm; Gordiano likes to go to have fun, relieve stress and because it’s tempting to feel the rush of the rides.


“Every year they have different characters or different mazes,” Gordiano said. “My favorite part about it were the employees dressed up and out scaring people.”


Senior Priscilla Reyes has been to Knott’s Scary Farm both this year and last year. She has seen the difference of the mazes of the years and atmosphere of the park.


“My favorite attraction was the Paranormal Maze that opened this year,” Reyes said. “I recommend it to others only if they like scary things- if not, I wouldn’t go but it’s pretty fun.”


Knott’s Berry Farm first opened it’s gates on June 19, 1920, making it America’s first theme park. The original name for the park was Knott’s Berry Place, and the admission price was only 25 cents.  Knott’s Scary Farm first opened in 1973, an original three day affair turned into a whole month of spooky occurrences.