College Visits at Downey High School

Vicky Arguello, Writer

Now that the application submission period for college has opened, universities like Oregon State and Loyola Marymount are visiting the Downey High School campus in A 201 after school to provide information for all students who are interested about their schools and the admission process.


Although it is not in her top five colleges, Nubia Mejia, 12, attended the Loyola Marymount campus visit on Oct. 10 and shares why colleges should continue visiting Downey High School.


“Universities should definitely continue to visit our school because it is very beneficial for students so they can be exposed to all information and requirements needed for applying to college,” Mejia said, “With the visits students can also be inspired and also be well prepared for when it’s time to choose where they want to expand their education.”


Colleges contact Ms. Campos and try to find the best date and time to come to Downey High School. Because colleges are now recruiting they start reaching out to different high schools, like Downey, in August and September to start scheduling these visits.


Jocelyn Martinez, 12, shares what information she found most helpful during Loyola Marymount’s college visit and how that helps her when applying to various colleges.


“The most helpful information they provided was when they talked about their specific scholarships the university has,” Martinez said, “This made me look into what the other colleges I’m applying to have to offer scholarship wise.”


Besides scholarship information, these colleges give information about their most popular majors, what approach they take to education, and how they view a student’s application. College and Career Counselor Ms. Roman explains why attending these college visits benefits students.


“I think the main factor is that they are the admissions counselors so they are the ones that are actually looking at the student’s applications,” Roman said, “I highly encourage any students to get feedback from them and to interact with them one on one because you can’t find that at college fairs or anywhere else so when they come to our school to meet with them it’s the best case scenario.”


Boston College will be visiting campus on Oct. 18, 2017 and Whittier College will be on campus on Oct. 19, 2017. Downey High School’s College and Career Counselors encourage any students that have any questions about admissions to take advantage of these college visits.