It’s Inside Short Film

Oscar Flores , Copy Editor

Initiating a new project, Michelle Salinas, 11, begun production on her new film It’s Inside on Sept. 4.  The film follows a group of students who after a strange set of events become entangled in a series of murders.


Prior to this film, Salinas has worked on three small features – however, this will mark her first production to see a public release.  The film, set to be demonstrated to a YouTube RED producer, is currently in pre-production with casting news on the horizon.


Deriving her passion for horror from the past, Salinas credits horror film-favorites Scream and Child’s Play as inspiration for her film.   


“I love horror movies,” Salinas stated. “They’re really suspenseful, and like, you can’t usually tell who the killer is until the end; they can confuse you a lot.”


There is a total of 11 main roles with additional supporting characters being the bulk of the casting call.  Auditioning for the first time, Bryan Sandoval, 11, hopes to bring life to Brian, one of the supporting characters.


“I’m playing for a side character, just one at the beginning,” Sandoval said.  “If I get the part I’ll be pretty excited.”


The casting call was open to all regardless of acting experience.  To some, this opportunity meant a return to acting and the performing arts like it did for Georgee Campbell, 11, who partook in drama classes during her middle school years.


“I actually love acting,” Campbell said.  “I’ve done four plays in the past but since eighth grade I haven’t been in anything so it’s a brand new start for me.”


Other actors involved consist of Jennifer Martinez, 11; Adrian Soto, 11; and Daniel Appel, 11.  Although in its initial stages, Salinas hopes to begin filming in early Dec. and start post-production by Sept. 2018.  It’s Inside is set for a release in early 2019.