Battle Of The Sexes

Genevieve Gaubert, Photographer

On April 28, Downey hosted it’s third annual Battle of the Sexes rally. Playing multiple games such as musical chairs, a caterpillar race, charades, ESTPN hike, Post It Like It’s Hot, trivia, a lip sync battle, and chopsticks. Students were able to participate by applying for the game that they wanted to play. Similar to the three past years the event has gone on, girls swept the competition and came out victorious.


Each game was a separate competition between the teams. For example, the contestants played musical chairs where players went around chairs to a chosen song. The focus is to get to a seat once the music pauses. If all seats are taken before you are able to sit, that player is eliminated from the game.


One of the male contestants, Miguel Avila, 11, explains why he decided to join the Battle of the Sexes playing musical chairs.


“I joined the battle in hopes that I would give the audience a good laugh,” Avila stated. “I want to join next year because it was a lot of fun.”


Included in the battle was a game named caterpillar race.  Contestants lined up with balloons in between each person in an attempt to move around posts twice to win. The focus of the game is to try and not pop the balloon while getting around the posts.


Another contestant, Arnold Ceballos, 11, justifies his interest in the caterpillar race at the battle.


“I was asked last minute, but it seemed like a fun thing to do,”  Ceballos stated. “I also wanted to be a participant in school spirit.”


Another game played was a relay race. Four contestants were lined up and attempted to toss a roll of toilet paper onto the head of their partners.  The contestants then had to crawl across the gym using plungers and across the finish line.


Participating in the relay race, Noah Skobis, 10, states his involvement in the activity.


“I heard about it and I like participating in school activities,” Skobis stated. “ASB does a good job and I heard it was fun.”


The Battle of the Sexes rally was one for Downey students to remember with laughs, sighs, triumphs, and smiles. Taking on another year with the girls’ victory, one can only imagine what next year’s battle has in store.