Weekly Advice Column for Students

Clarice Rosales and Alicia Garcia

For Freshmen:

Grades are the most important thing to work on and it is always a great idea to start creating good study and work habits! Being time efficient and prioritizing are essential skills that are important, especially if you are tackling on AP classes, sports, or extracurriculars. Most of all,  try to get involved on campus so that your high school experience can be very enriching.


For Sophomores:

Being in the middle always seem like a bad thing, but the one thing that is so great about being a sophomore is that this is the year that you will find who you are. This is the year you can make mistakes and things will still work out. My advice would be to pay close attention to what you love to do. Study for your ACT and SAT, join clubs, and pick up a sport.


For Juniors:

A good way to avoid stress during senior year, which should be fun and enjoyable, is by taking all of your SAT and ACT tests during your senior year instead of leaving it all for senior year. When senior year comes along, you will only have to be preoccupied with college apps. Continue doing well in your current classes because they will be reflected on your college applications. One important thing to also keep in mind is community service. Colleges like to see students that stand out with volunteer hours and dedication. You can do this through clubs here at Downey High School such as Key Club and KIWIN’S or local community organizations such as the YMCA. Also, it is important to note that you can be awarded for accumulation of hours towards graduation and most importantly, gain valuable experience that can help prepare you for college.


For Seniors:

“OMG!! Senior year is almost done, I need to fix to my grades, I need to get a job….”  I know this is what is flowing through your head at the moment, but just take a deep breath. As a senior I had the same exact thought. My mind was overwhelmed with stress and the problems that senior comes with. What’s next? and what do I do from this moment and on? I am here to help you, and give you side by side advice on what to do to get rid of some stress, and what not to do.

  1. Stay organized: This is everything and I cannot stress that enough. I know, that is not the easy thing to do, but start off small. Get a planner, write down homework or important dates.The moment a teacher says something important, write it down on a sticky note and put it in the front of your planner.
  2. Prioritize: As senior year comes to an end, all you want to do is party and forget about the homework that due the next day, but do not procrastinate.  At this moment every assignment and grade counts. Do you want to pass the class or slack off?
  3. Don’t give up: We have been in school for 12 years. We have waited so long for this year to come. Yes, maybe things do not always go the way we want it to but be patient and keep trying and push through to the end of the line. It will pay off.