Encountering the Ouija Board

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

Every year as the season of fall starts to settle in the weather, people grow with anticipation for the 31 of October, also known as Halloween. While the kids and parents are out trick-or-treating at night, teenagers have opted for other methods of fun. One being the legendary story of the Ouija Board. Unlike any other board game this one is set to belief that it can connect with evil spirits in the afterlife if played right.

A group of curious students made it their mission to see if the stories were valid, to see if the board actually had some sort of demonic powers or if it was all a tell-tale passed on for the spooks and jokes to those who were easily fooled.

Student, Miguel Gonzales, 12, amist of the Halloween holiday approaching decided to join his friends at the attempt of playing the famous Ouija Board. This is what he said to say about his experience.

“It didn’t work for us; when they did it [Ramon Salas and Alex Navar], I had already quit. I was like it’s not going to work, and we left,” Gonzales said. “They asked it if there was anyone in here with us? And it [the board] said ‘yes’. They asked, ‘Is it a bad spirit?’ it [the cursor] moved back and it said yes. They’re like freaking out and they said ‘okay we don’t want anything to do with you’ and they ran out.”

Although Gonzales’ decided to abandon the room before any of the paranormal events took place his friends who decided to stay behind have a different story to tell.

Ramon Salas, 12, has a different out take of the story, as he was one of the two of their group of friends who decided to stay behind to find out more, seeking for the truth behind the spooky folk tale.

“The first couple of times it [ the board] didn’t work, but then we decided to let the people who weren’t playing– we decided to tell them to leave,” Salas said. “When they left, Alex and I decided to play, just us two and when it worked we were shaken and we didn’t know what to do.”

Three of the friends that were present that day in which they played the ouija board all had different experiences. Last but not least Alejandro Navar, 12, was definitely spooked when he came came in contact with the game and claims it actually worked, moving right before his eyes.

“Me and my friend Ramon, we told everyone who didn’t want to play it to get out. And we [Navar and Salas] only touch it. It lead it us to that room; it left doors open,” Navar says. “There was two doors open to that room so we went to that room and we tried to play and somebody heard a noise, a cabinet open, so we went to that room and we started playing it in that room and that’s when it started moving by itself [the planchette].

This courageous group of friends had the chance of encountering the paranormal world, seeing it right before their very own eyes, some more than others. Real or not the game continues to live on through future generations.