Troy Noka Concert

Karla Ramirez, Photo Editor

Searching to inspire his young audience through his music, triple-threat artist, Troy Noka, gave a concert at Downey High on Sept. 28 as part of the high school tour he is currently performing. Noka travels with a Power 106 radio crew in order to bring life to the high schools they visit.


“A moment like this is why I even started doing it,” Noka said. “My cousin, he just gave me some praise for free styling and it changed my life. I was like ‘you know what, this is what I want to do, I want to do music.’ I just felt so good.”


Noka made the decision of  going on a high school tour because of his wishes to inspire, in his young following, the will to pursue everything they dream of. Just like he was inspired, he wants to return that to his fans and anyone he can reach. The rapper has had collaborations, and is friends with, many big name artists, such as Frank Ocean and Dom Kennedy, and he learns from these experiences.


“I admire my peers. I look up to my friends because they’re doing what I love to do, too,” Noka said. “I think that’s important; even when you’re in school, it’s important to hang with people that are like minded.”


Accompanying Noka as part of the Power 106 crew is DJ Jose Jimenez, also known as DJ Hozer. Not only is Jimenez a DJ for the Power 106 radio station, he is also what you call a crowd pleaser, and interacts with the crowd to make sure everyone is excited about the song playing, or just overall having fun. The pair bonded when Noka reached out to Jimenez to accompany him on his high school tour and the two have become new best friends. Just like Noka, Jimenez wants to inspire the younger generation to pursue what they are passionate about.


“For me to work with an artist that is there, but not there, is a blessing,” Jimenez said. “I’m excited you know; I like to motivate and teach you guys that music is a really beautiful thing.”


Also joining in on the fun is SpaceBoi Fresh, who, along with Jimenez, is part of the Power 106 crew. Fresh is also working to make a name for himself in the industry and is currently a hype man in Noka’s high school tour. Fresh want to make people feel alive and positive with music, especially the younger crowd.


“Honestly when the crowd is into it, it makes me turn it all the way up,” Fresh said. “ I mean my mind is already focused on giving all the best I got, but when ya’ll are reciprocating, it makes me go crazy.”


Noka’s next appearance will take place in Warren High, DHS’ rival school. Noka will continue his high school tour through California, along with his Power 106 radio crew.