2016 Dance Review

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

To showcase their moves, Downey’s Dance Team and the CTE dance classes, held a dance review at the Downey Civic Theater on Wednesday, May 4 and Thursday, May 5.  Some performances, included ones which were performed at the USA National Champions.


Sussy Sanchez, 10, attended the dance review in support for her friend in CTE Dance 2.


“My favorite dance of the whole performance was “Lean On” because it was majestic,” Sanchez said. “It was very fun [attending the dance review] and positive; there wasn’t an awkward moment. It was all just positivity.”


Allyson Ramirez-Vargas, 10, talks about her performances and being part of the dance team.


“It was nerve wracking because there was one particular show where we knew that only students showed up,” Ramirez-Vargas said.


Performing a solo routine to Beyonce’s “Listen”, Justine Muro, 12,  explains how her last dance was and how much she loves to dance.


“I was really nervous for it, but it was the last big performance I had,” Muro said. “It was my last show so I wanted to just dance my heart out on the stage.”


The Dance Team and CTE dance classes have four dance reviews a year. The music danced to was from a range of selections. The songs varied from recently released, to older music. The outfits were different to each performance. Some dances were emotional and heartfelt. They seemed to really enhance the lyrics within each song.