Homecoming Proposals

Karla Ramirez, Photo Editor

With homecoming just a few weeks away, the students at Downey High School can be seen getting creative and extravagant with their homecoming proposals, each bigger than the last.


“Homecoming and prom are always interesting times of the year,” Roberto Raygoza said. “You can always tell how devoted a person is to their proposal and reactions are always fun.”


When it comes to a proposal, the answer is something that is unsure. Now, with homecoming just around the corner, it is common to see a crowd around a poster awaiting the response of the person being asked.


“I wasn’t exactly sure how he would react,” Vivian Segura, 11, said. “I had a feeling he’d laugh at the pun, and he did so I guess in a way I did get the reaction I was hoping for.”


Proposals are generally kept as a surprise. Junior, Joaquin Nuñez was not expecting to be asked to any dance, and was caught completely by surprise when he saw a giant poster with his name on it.
“I had gotten a text from her friend saying ‘Hey, I’m not asking your or anything, but are you going to homecoming this year?’ and I didn’t respond because it was during a game,” Nuñez said. “Right when she held up the poster I immediately linked it to that.”


This year, homecoming will be held at the DHS gym on the night of Fri., Oct. 16. The cirque themed dance will last from nine p.m. to midnight, beginning right after the homecoming game. Tickets will be available up until the night of the dance.