A sense of nostalgia

On June 3, in the gym, junior Cintia Macias, a member of the yearbook staff, helps pass out drinks to the students who showed up for the yearbook distribution party. “I was happy to see the students looking at the book and smiling because their friends are in it,” Macias said, “I loved the excitement the students got when they got the yearbook.”

Natalie Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor/ Staff Writer

On Wed., Jun. 3, the Downey High Yearbook staff hosted a Yearbook distribution party, open to all students, that included pizza, drinks, music, and a free photo booth in the gym. At this party, students were able to purchase the yearbook or pick up their pre-ordered copy earlier than the students who did not attend this event.


Yearbook staff members rushed to finish up the last minute touches in the gym before the party began. Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Pamela Lopez, 12, designated every staff member a job to work during the party and made sure that things were running smoothly. Lopez was also in charge of distributing yearbooks to students.


“It felt amazing to see everyone with the book I know the staff worked so hard on,” Lopez said. “I’m proud of the yearbook we created and I hope everyone enjoys it.”


Yearbook staff writer Jasmine Reyes, 12, was positioned at another yearbook distribution table with fellow staff writer Jennifer Perea-Perez, 12. Reyes and Perea-Perez are both first year members to the yearbook staff therefore making this event like nothing they had experienced before.

“While working on the yearbook during the year, you kind of forget that the entire student body will eventually be looking at work that you’ve helped create,” Reyes said. “At the distribution party it was so awesome to see kids actually excited to get their hands on a yearbook and look at pages that have my name under Writer.”


Students from all grade levels were in attendance and were able to reminisce on the past 2014-2015 school year. Senior Nicole Parra was one of the students who attended the yearbook distribution party along with her best friend. Parra was able to take full advantage of everything the yearbook staff offered at their event.


“At first I didn’t want to go to the party, but I wanted my yearbook already since it is my first and last yearbook from Downey,” Parra said. “The photo booth at the party made it fun because I got to take pictures with my best friend and the food and drinks made it even better.”


As the privilege to receive the yearbook early ended when the party came to a close, students can expect to pick-up their yearbook during the week of Jun. 8 to Jun. 12 during both lunches and after school. The yearbook will continue to be sold until the last day of school for a price of $105.