Senior stress


Yesenia Folgar

On Thursday, September 26 Jesus Camargo, 12, works at Dairy Queen to make his money and get work experience. “It can be difficult to juggle both school and work,” Camargo said, “but I do tend to find time for both and I try not to stress myself out.”

Lauren Rodriguez, Writer/Student Life Editor

While some students are stressed with the work load that comes with being a senior, others around campus have taken on jobs as well as school work and college applications.

When not studying for tests, applying to colleges, skating or spending time with friends, senior, Jesus Camargo, provides customers with ice cream at the Dairy-Queen located in Stonewood Mall.

“I like my job,” Camargo said “it’s nice, but can be difficult at times.”

Because of his demanding schedule that involves juggling school and thinking about his future, at times the busy student has to do homework during shifts.

“I try to have a schedule, so I make sure I use my time wisely,” Camargo said.

Camargo is thinking about joining the swim team and is optimistic that he will be able to manage the even heavier load.

CIF champion, football player, Frank Heraz, 12, spends his free time working for Pizza Hut.

“I never relax,” Heraz said “ there never really is a time to relax anymore.”

Although Heraz is exhausted from football practice or previous games, he manages to push through to the next day and get it done.

“I hate Thursdays,” Heraz said “I have practice, work and then still have to play a game the next day.”

Opting out of parties or other social outings, senior, Maya Johnson spends her weekends as a sales associate for the clothing store, Aeropostale located in the Stonewood Mall. Johnson has been working for the clothing store for almost 4 months and loves the welcoming environment and her friendly co-workers.

“My co-workers and managers are very friendly and the vibe of the store is very welcoming,” Johnson said.

Due to her almost always light work schedule during the weekdays, Johnson is still able to balance homework, college applications and friends.

“During the weekends I try to do my homework on Fridays so I don’t have to worry about it Saturday and Sunday,” Johnson said.

Although working consumes most of her weekend, Johnson is still able to balance work, school and friends without stressing too much.

Although senior year is hectic due to managing classes, work, and attending social events, these seniors and others manage to multi-task school work and their social lives in an attempt to make their senior year memorable.