Dance your heart out

At the 2013 Dance Review, the ROP Dance 2 team performs “Missy Beat,” which was choreographed by senior Cassie Garcia.

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Downey High’s dance team took the stage alongside the ROP dance classes at the Downey Theatre on Wednesday, May 8, for a showcase of their dance routines that they’ve worked on all year.

Samantha Cid, 10, couldn’t wait to perform with her team and the other dancers, knowing how hard they had worked to make their dances the absolute best.

“My favorite part of the recital was making our circle before the show,” Cid said, “we all work really hard and I just love to get on stage and hear the audience.”

The two-hour dance review’s performances ranged from slow contemporary dances to upbeat hip-hop routines. The three groups of dancers were mingled together to dance different routines throughout the show.

The show started off with an energetic hip-hop routine performed by the dance team to the song “Going In” by Lil Wayne. The crowd roared and chanted as they paraded across the stage.

The girls then proceeded to perform 30 dances. Certain dances really caught the crowd’s eyes. A performance to “Girls” by the Beastie Boys, where the girls twirled across the stage in sparkly, eye-catching sequins outfits was one of them. Another attention-grabber was a lyrical routine in which the dancers kicked up their heels to “The Devil went Down to Georgia,” by The Charlie Daniels Band. The dance seemed to tell a comedic story, making it different from their usual dances.

To the audience’s surprise, a majority of the dances were not choreographed by Coach Leslie Patterson, but by seniors on the dance team. The senior choreographers went through what Coach Patterson goes through daily: teaching the ROP students and making sure they had their routine memorized. The ROP students were eager to cooperate, so the seniors enjoyed working with them.

Danielle Lapena, 12, explains that choreographing was easier than she expected it to be, and that she was very proud of the ROP students after their performances.

“The students listened really well and were eager to learn,” Lapena said. “The girls have improved so much and have made us all proud.”

The ROP students were excited to perform and show off what they had learned in class this past year. They performed a variety dances including tap, jazz, and hip-hop. ROP’s skills were portrayed in their first dance, a tap routine where the girls clicked and clacked in unison on stage is cowboy costumes to “Giddy On Up” by Laura Bell Bundy.

Nichole Rosales, 10, an ROP student, couldn’t wait to be on stage and felt the performance went perfectly when she stepped off for the last time that night.

“I liked being able to perform dances that we’ve worked on for so long,” Rosales said. “The dances were fun and I think we did great.”

The show ended with the dancers and choreographers coming out from backstage and did an unexpected Harlem Shake performance where they flailed their limbs and shook their tail feathers in the silliest ways possible across the entire stage as the curtains closed again for the last time that night. The dancers worked hard choreographing and dancing and ended their final show in smiles and laughs, knowing they had succeeded in putting on a great show.