Dress shirts and ties, oh my!


Cindy Macias

On Friday, April 12, Jarrid Reyes, 11, Ricardo Perez, 11, Luis Rojas, 11, David Sanchez, 11, Eric Escarciga, 11, and Juan Nuñez, 11, show off their “Not So Casual Friday” trend at their hangout spot after the spring rally. The “Not So Casual Friday” boys have continued their trend every Friday for nearly 4 months.

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every Friday, a group of upperclassmen break the tradition of casual Fridays, and dress up in not-so-casual wear.

Juniors David Sanchez, Juan Nunez, Ricardo Perez, Luis Rojas, Jarid Reyes, Eric Escarciga, and Paul Salazar, as well as senior Bryce Caliwag, started wearing dress shirts with ties and jeans, about four months ago, as a way to celebrate the upcoming weekend. However, dressing up in more formal attire at school is in itself a message against the status quo.

“Corporations have causal Fridays, so we just wanted to do the opposite,” Escarciga said. “Everybody dresses the same, so we wanted to do something different.”

Because of the not-so-casual Fridays, Escarciga personally feels as though his style has changed.

“I haven’t really been wearing casual clothes,” Escarciga said.

Public reaction to these changes in attire has been positive. Perez’s parents have been supportive of his wear, mainly because it gives him a glimpse of how to dress once he gets older and enters the job arena.

“My parents don’t mind,” Perez said. “They think it’s getting ready for the real world. I do it to stand out from everyone else.”

Students and teachers have also commented on the new fashion statement.

“It’s not something that’s common, seeing people dress up,” Perez said. “I usually get complements from my teachers. Students always ask if I’m getting interviewed for a job.”


Although the school year is coming to an end, the tradition of not-so-causal wear has become a tradition that will carry on for the posse.