Opening doors to the holidays


Ashley Lozano

Classes show their holiday spirit by decorating classroom doors for The Door Decorating Contest from December 10 to December 14. Ms. Barabeu, in room C-110, went to the next level with the help of her fourth period class when they each sketched out the design and won second place, leaving Ms. Romero in first.

Vivan Buenrostro , Writer

ASB organized a way for the students and staff to work together and lift the holiday spirits throughout campus by decorating their classroom doors with Christmas themed decorations. From Dec. 10-14, certain fourth period classrooms came up with eye catching ideas and brought them to life.

Ms. Barbeau’s fourth period didn’t hesitate to take part in this contest. By Thursday, Dec. 13, Barbeau’s door was complete. From pop out traditional holiday characters to Christmas lights, this door definitely brought worthy competition.

“The students really wanted to do it,” Barbeau said, “about a dozen of them came after school to help set it up.”

One of her students, senior Samantha Reising, drew a simple sketch that more students later contributed to.

“I wanted to be involved in this because I like art,” Reising said. “I’m really happy with the way it came out.”

On Friday, a handful of ASB members walked around campus to judge the doors. While the students scrupulously evaluated each door, senior Bryan Walker shared his perspective on judging.

“The hardest part of choosing a winner was picking only one because you could tell everyone worked so hard,” Walker said.

The winner of the Door Decorating Contest was special education teacher, Ms. Romero in Z-1. Receiving countless suggestions and dedicated efforts from her students and teacher/friend, Ms. Rodriguez, it was clear that their team strived for the win.

“I was happy for my students when I found out we won because they were the ones who came up with the ideas,” Romero said. “Overall, we did it for the fun and to create holiday spirit.”

As Christmas is quickly approaching, Downey High School continues to try their best to spread festive, holiday cheer throughout the student body.