Dancing, eating, and “Macarena”


Ashley Lozano

The Viking Link organizes a freshman tailgate before the Downey vs. Oxnard football game at Allen Layne Stadium, on Sept. 21, that includes link leaders and link advisers Ms. James, Ariel Bravo, 12, Destiny Jones, 12, Mr. Armendariz, Mario Neblina, 12, Fabiola Anguiano, 12, Nkechi Okoroma, 11, and Cory Trujillo, 12. The night was filled with students dancing to various songs like the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, and even the Macarena, which was a hit and got many students running for the dance floor. “I thought it was fun because we got to interact with different people.” Neblina said. “Normally with people we wouldn’t interact with on our own.”

Kaylee Camacho , Public Relations Manager

The Viking Tailgate, the first major event for the new Viking Link club, took place before the football game, at Downey High School, on Sept. 21, 2012. Link leaders and their freshman groups came together to get new students involved in school activities. ASB provided the music that kept participants on their feet. The crowd especially liked the synchronized dances, which consisted of the Spanish songs, “El Caballo Dorado” and the equally popular “Macarena”.

During their bonding and dancing, Austin Farina, 12, enjoyed his experience on Viking Link.

“I wanted to give the freshman a better experience than I had,” Farina said.

The masses were dancing, even those who didn’t know all the steps; it just showed that they were a whole. They stuck together and were free to be themselves without being judged. The freshman and seniors felt comfortable enough around each other, so moments didn’t feel staged or awkward. The evening was filled with laughter and genuine bonding, which fulfilled the key goal of the club, which was helping freshman lose their fears about going to high school.

Adrian Calleros also expressed his wish of having a club like the Link when he was a freshman.

“I do wish there was Viking Link when I was a freshman because I got lost my first day here,” Calleros said.

Calleros is a prime example of the students that get lost on the first day of school. This year Viking Link aimed to take that stress off the freshmen.

“I was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated, but I got the flow of it after the first three day,” Robert Nevarez, 9, said. “I like the new environment.”

Nevarez was one of the many freshmen that were grateful for the Viking Link. He was also grateful for the seniors that guided him on the first day of school.

“It helped because I knew people and knowing people gave me the confidence on my first day,” Nevarez said.

Clearly, Viking Link is proving the stereotyped high school, in teenage movie with bullies and mean teachers, wrong. In fact, Downey High School is the opposite, by making the freshmen feel comfortable and safe. The Tailgate was successful and is just the beginning of many activities that the Link will host.