Reaching for the sky


In preparation for her departure to Japan, Junior Marine and freshman Beth Abzun attends a training camp on Saturday, Feb. 25 in Pomona. Abzun earned the title of Division Six Marine of the Year in 2012.

Jessica Xilo, Parents & Teachers Editor

As part of the Lance Corporal Kenneth L. Worley Young Marines in Norwalk, California, Beth Abzun earned the title as Division Six Marine of the Year for 2012 as a result of her leadership and determination.

As a freshman, she has already demonstrated her ability to stand out even among six-year participants from the Young Marines.

“I’m excited and motivated to continue in the program,” Abzun said. “I want to share my experiences with other Junior Marines so that they can learn that anything is possible.”

She became aware of the program while traveling to Big Bear with her family through recruiters standing outside of a Walmart. There were Young Marines in cammies passing out flyers with information. She was excited to learn more about the program, and her father agreed to do some research.

“The uniform speaks for itself,” the Marine of the year said.

Since then, she has participated in the program for two years. She feels that every experience will help her reach her career goals. The Young Marine aspires to become an officer in the Air Force Academy, and she hopes to earn her Ph.D in Astrophysics at Harvard to become either an astronautical engineer or an astrophysicist. In order to achieve her dreams, she is conscious of the importance of being a good student in the community and in the classroom. Her friends are glad to know her and about her achievements.

“I’m proud of her because she deserves everything she has accomplished,” freshman Brittany Lorenzano said. “She is always responsible and has her work on time.”

With three honors classes, Abzun has to manage her time wisely, especially when she has the opportunity to travel with the program. In March, she will be going to Japan to commemorate the Battle of Iwo Jima.

The Marine of the year has also been involved in martial arts since she was six years old. On Nov. 24, 2013, she will compete at the World Championships in Mexico. She has been recognized as an International Champion and as a Grand Champion in Forms.

As Division Six Marine of the Year, the young leader has been awarded a 1K scholarship. She has also applied to be recognized as the National Division Six Marine of the Year in which she could receive a 25K scholarship. The Marine Core and the Navy offer about 150K in scholarships to participants that demonstrate they deserve the recognition. Her friends and family know she is always looking for opportunities to further her success.

“I’m happy for her because she is my friend and she deserves the best. She is always on top of her game, and always one step ahead,” freshman Brenda Pardo said.

The Young Marine plans to participate in the program for all four years of high school because she knows that her experiences will continue to make her a strong leader.