First jazz concert leaves crowd amazed


Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After many hours of practice, the first Jazz concert was held on October 26 in the Downey High School theatre. The different ensembles prepared to show off what they had learned.

The jazz combo started the concert. This group consists of the most advanced musicians in the department. They were led by Erick Paterson, a music teacher who comes once a week to help the band teacher, Mr. Olariu.

The song to kick off the night was “Take the A Train” by Duke Ellington played by Kevin Valencia on alto sax, Eduardo Lopez on bass, Cullen Griffin on guitar, and Aldo Villalobos on drums. They played two songs that mesmerized the crowd.

The improv class, which is made up of the beginners, played one song, “Sony Moon for Two” by Sony Rollins. Though beginners, they showed much talent and received great feedback from the audience.

There was a fifteen-minute intermission and the audience took the time to buy refreshments and pastries; all proceeds went towards Jazz Band. The second half of the concert commenced, and no one was prepared for what came next.

Jazz Choir started their first song “Do Nothing ‘Till I Hear From You”, arranged by Darmon Meader.

“I felt a little nervous about my solo, but after I finished I felt good about myself,” Samantha Eroding, 12, said.

Her voice left the crowd in awe as she hit high notes that just added to the song. They received a standing ovation; their talent excelled all expectations.

“The choir and the band learned their songs as soon as they could,” jazz choir participant Randell Milan said,“sometimes even before the year starts, in August.”

After an already stunning performance by the choir, the concert ended with a performance from the Jazz Ensemble.

“We couldn’t have a jazz concert without a rock song to finish it all up,” music teacher Mr. Olariu said.

The night ended with the song “Spin Cycle” by Alan Baylock. The fall jazz concert was a way to show of all the hard work that has been put in by the musicians. It will not be the last concert, as they have many through out the year, but surely it was a strong way to start off the school year.