A true comeback

A true comeback

On stage, in the Allen Layne Stadium, the band Blueprint Graffiti performs at The Comeback after school, on Friday, June 3. The Comeback consisted of many entertainment options such as jumpers, food in the basketball courts, and live performances in the stadium.

Camerynn Chase, Staff writer

A true comeback story, Downey Bible Club and Calvary Chapel united to bring back a Family Fun Night for Downey High School on June 3. The collaboration between the two organizations began when Calvary reached out to the Bible Club. DBC was planning to do a concert at Downey when the youth pastor from Calvary contacted Ms. James with an idea. He was also planning an event and decided it would be beneficial for the two organizations to join forces.

The Comeback began by playing music, giving out T-shirts, and handing out free cotton candy when the release bell rang at 2:50. There were several jumpers at the basketball courts and clubs were selling food. At 5:00 PM, Glory Boyz, starring DHS’ own Miguelito Mejia, opened the stage. Four other bands performed while shirts and gift cards to In-N-Out and Starbucks were being thrown out into the crowd.

The night continued with obstacle courses, free IPODs and PSPs and a dance off. The first place winner of the dance off received a free PSP and the second place winner won Dodger tickets. There was food galor, ranging from tortas and burritos to smoothies and funnels cake to pineapple drinks and dirty worms.

“It was just a great environment. Everyone was laughing, there was great music, lots of food and lots of give aways,” Jenna Redd said. “I had a fun time hanging out with my friends, just relaxing after a long day of school.”

In between performances, a representative of the chapel, Pastor Paul, went on stage to preach the word of God. He talked to the youth about Jesus and how to be strong in your faith. An amazing fifteen people joined him on the platform as they gave up their lives to the Lord. They received further guidance and free bibles.

“It was one of my favorite parts of the night. Personally, I take my faith very seriously and this event meant a lot to me,” Marcos Contreras said. “As a member of DBC and a strong believer, I always love to see people dedicate themselves to God. It was truly inspiring that at least fifteen people came to know HIM that night. The Comeback made it possible.”

Although every act was a hit with the crowd, it was said that one knocked it out of the park. Dominic Balli, reggae artist who has collaborated with big names like Sony Sandoval from P.O.D., closed the show, making an impact on attendees.

“At this point of the night not as many people were there as there previously was. They really missed out on an epic performance, though,” Monica Toscano said. “It was probably the highlight of my night. He really ripped up the stage.”

All and all, the night was a success, raising money, bringing people closer to their faith, and providing a safe and fun filled night for both Downey High School students and Calvary Chapel members.