Downey at the X-Factor

Downey at the X-Factor

The Downey music program arrived as a British trio that opened the X-Factor’s auditioning process at the USC Galen Center, on May 9, by singing with the audience. They were not auditioning, but it excited the viewers and got them ready for the show.

Mercy Watkins

As a fundraiser the Downey music program attended the X-Factors audition process on May 9. at the USC Galen Center.

Assistant Band Director, Matthew Fell, announced the field trips two weeks before the event, noting to students that it was a fundraiser that could help lower band fees for the following year. Students who had under a 2.0 G.P.A weren’t eligible to go, but any student who wanted to go even if they were not in the music program were able to participate.

“We received a call from the people that publicize the event that they would provide transportation and give us an x amount of money for every kid that shows up,” Fell said. “We made about $1,400 that day.”

It was a memorable day for students as they got the chance to see the auditions and the judge panel as well. When they arrived to the USC Galen Center. They waited to be seated along with 5-6 other groups and other anticipating viewers.  Senior Stefani Lang recalls the excitement she had for being there.

“I really only wanted to go to see Simon Cowell,” Lang said. “But I loved the fact I got to see the auditions. It was really entertaining and I’m honored I was able to go during my senior year.”

The show was well over 3 hours with both good and bad auditions. When Cowell was indecisive about a candidate the audience was allowed to vote. Many of the performances could be seen as being “silly,” “funny,” “good,” or “weird.” One audition that could be put into all of those categories was The “Gender, Bender” performed by an exotic dancer which could be found on You Tube. Senior Olivia Rodriguez remembers the crowd reaction when he started his performance.

“When you saw how he was dancing and heard the song he was singing you couldn’t help but either laugh or just stare,” Rodriguez said. “It was funny and he had a lot of energy. It will probably be seen as on of the biggest YouTube hits in a couple of year.”

It is not given that the music program will have this same field trip next year, but it was a great experience for all who participated. Most seniors described it as there “fair- well gift” and if they had another chance to go, they would