Battling the epidemic of high school: Senioritis

Battling the epidemic of high school: Senioritis

Taking a break during first period band, senior Kris Garza, studies diligently in the band room to keep himself from falling behind with school work. With graduation right around the corner, most of the senior population experiences “Senioritis,” and finds difficulty completing assignments on time.

Every year throughout high school across the nation seniors enter the phase of extreme laziness otherwise called, the killer disease: Senioritis!

Senioritis can be expressed as a feeling of extreme laziness with no motivation to do anything, and no feelings of continuing daily activities or basically just giving up.  Though some seniors don’t give up they usually do everything at the very last minute.

“Yea, you feel it,” senior Alexander Mochizuki said. “ I wake up in the morning and think twice about coming to school!”

With the home stretch now in full effect, with only 5 weeks of school left, seniors are starting to feel the comfort of leaving high school. After 12 years of school, as many say, it’s time to get out.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for such a long time!” senior Zachariah Caudillo said “I’ve really had such a journey through high school.”

But with all the downfalls of senioritis, there is one person who is said to be the queen of battling senioritis. Senior ASB member Jackie Nunez is well aware of the effects of senioritis.

“ It’s not the fact of how do you battle senioritis, rather it’s why battle it?” Nunez said.

Nunez says that the motivation is to continue getting good grades and to do a great job to end the year with a bang. It’s a motivation, not a downfall.

“But the peer pressure is greatly felt with so may of my peers already done with school,” Nunez said.

But for seniors there is a legitimate reason for not continuing with said classes. Courses such as mathematics and sciences are not required for seniors to graduate. Now that AP classes are finished AP students have lifted one burden and will now focus on their regular classes.

“I think there are so many factors that lead to the feelings of senioritis,” senior Maxx Gonzalez said. “It’s not only us, it’s knowing that school is almost out and that we’re seniors.”

With only 4 weeks of instruction, we can just hope that seniors keep their cool and focus on ending their final year in high school on a strong note.