Toms’ No Shoes for One Day

Toms’ No Shoes for One Day

Tom’s annual “No Shoes for One Day” on April 5 is an event to raise awareness for third world countries that can’t afford shoes. “I think it’s important to be aware on how it feels to be in their shoes so to speak,” Hanna Suarez said.

Alejandra Paredes, Student Life Editor

Supporting Toms’ No Shoes for One-Day event, students participated in the cause with much endeavor on April 5. For the third year in a row, Toms has been organizing this event with much success. Toms has attracted followers from all over the world and reached many blog spots and virtual media. Downey welcomed the event, as many students were seen shoeless throughout the day.

An avid participator in the event, Jacqueline Possie has been following Toms’ updates of the occurrence for the past couple of months. She not only went shoeless for the day and wore a “No Shoes for One Day” flyer around her neck, but also encouraged others to do the same.

“The event allows you to reflect on your own self and learn to not take things for granted,” Possie said, “appreciate everything because other kids are dying because of it.”

The event came to be from the lack of awareness and aid of impoverished children and adults living every day without shoes. Toms provided a website filled with facts of the event and helpful tools. Along with helpful tips to create successful event, pamphlets, flyers, and posters were offered.

At the beginning of the day, very few students were seen shoeless; but towards the last couple of hours the success was evident. Senior Isabel Mejia, found out of the cause during her first period class and decided to join in the festivities.

“I thought it was a good idea because you can’t do anything until you raise awareness,” Mejia said.

Not only did students participate, but a couple teachers as well. Ms. Bell and Mr. Rios could clearly be seen without shoes the entire day. Along with others, it added on to the accomplishment of the development.

Students throughout the day showed how much support they could have for the benefit of another. The noble cause infiltrated Downey and hopefully introduced an annual tradition.