Behind the Question: Prom

Behind the Question: Prom

One of the many Prom posters that decorate the campus asks out Samantha Ramirez publicly to the dance, hangs in front of the dance room, exactly a month before the most anticipated dance of the year. Although this year, many girls stepped it up and asked boys out to Prom Ramirez was one of the girls asked out by a boy.

Thomas Beltran

When asking someone to Prom, many consider it to be one of the most significant points in high school, but it is what leads up to the dance that has some senior boys nervous. As Prom is nearly a month away, the common conflict that has guys stumped is the idea of, asking whoever they want to ask, to the evening’s festivities.

“Girls expect so much now,” senior Derek Dodson said. “You have to think of crazy ways to ask them to prom.”

Though asking might be a difficult task for some seniors, others have already succeeded in their goal. Recently senior Raven Gay was asked to Prom in what she believes to be an unforgettable way.

“He took me to the beach where all my friends were, I didn’t think anything of it,” Gay said. “When we walked to my friends they were standing there with prom written on their shirts.”

This is just one example of what is possible when asking a girl or guy to the memorable night. Besides the asking of a gentleman, there’s a trend starting: more girls are going out of their way to ask someone.

“I like the fact that more girls are starting to ask guys,” senior Brianna Lucero said. “Asking someone to Prom is a sort of big thing, and if a girl can handle asking someone then that’s good for them.”

With Prom a month away excitement is continuing to build up throughout the senior class, and even those who don’t get asked, or don’t ask, are still going to attend the event. Not letting a date get in their way is a maneuver to get drama out of their way for some students.

“Going without a date is cool too,” Dodson said. “You don’t have to worry about buying another ticket and you can just have fun with friends.”

Whether someone is going with a date or with friends, the night’s festivities are an experience, whether good or bad. Prom is what the senior class is really looking forward to in the month of may and what they hope to be an unforgettable evening.