Gamers Club


Member of the Gamers Club, junior Kevin Padilla, explains to sophomore Brandon Guizar about navigating the new Nintendo 3DS, on March 30, in room I-2, during A lunch. “Gamers Club is a place where we can get away from regular school during lunch,” junior and President Josue Preciado said.

Mercy Watkins

Junior Josue Preciado and Karl Matamoros had a dream to create a place students could escape to during lunch and that dream was made reality when they created Gamers Club which meet in I-4 during both lunches.

Gamers Club was introduced in November 2010 during Club Rush, where they gained over 12 members. Members fundraise for new equipment, learn different gaming software and talk about the newest games and consoles soon to be released. Preciado said this organization was created for a stress free and exciting environment to escape the stress from both school and home.

“I wanted to create a stress free environment for kids that either have problems in school or just want to get-away and play games,” Preciado said. “We just want to have fun, it might only be 30 minutes for lunch but it’s just enough time to relax for your next class.”

One of the things that this coalition of gamers is learning, is a cartooning program called MMD that can also make a human voice into a singing voice. The program also allows the user to insert voices into cartoons. Co-Captain Karl Matamoros introduced the program to show members the behind the scenes look of games that they can create themselves.

“The program records our average human voices so we can add them to animations and even make it seem like we’re singing,” Matamoros said. “ It’s a way to teach our members one of the basic steps of making their own game.”

One of the hardest things to do when starting a club is to find an adviser. Luckily, Preciado went to the first technology teacher he had as a freshmen, Mr. Born, the computer teacher in O-3. Born describes the club as student-run.

“The thing about Gamers club is I’m only an adviser,” Born said. “The club itself is student run and the students in charge are running it very well. The only time I have to do anything is if they need advisory permissions or help on fundraisers.”

Currently Preciado is planning field trips for the anime expo and game design institutes. They are also planning to have spokesmen from graphic design universities visit the club during lunch to talk about career opportunities as a game designer. Many students who attend the club meetings have inspirations to become game- designers and graphic designers.  New members are always welcomed to join.