Cranes for a cause


In hopes of raising money for the Japan Relief, ASB students decided to sell origami cranes of different sizes as well as ribbons. There is a saying that goes, making a thousand paper cranes grants you one wish, therefore a thousand cranes were made by ASB.

Alejandra Paredes

After the tragic earthquake in Japan on March 11, clubs and organizations at Downey decided to take action and help the victims in need.  Friday’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake triggered a tumultuous tsunami that left towns and villages in Japan devastated. The earthquake encouraged Sandra Lee, ASB members, and Normaneers to take initiative into raising funds.

“ I didn’t like how people were saying ‘support Japan,’” Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations, Sandra Lee said. “I wanted to do something for Japan.”

One day, Sandra Lee had an epiphany-like experience and felt like she had to take action. The American Red Cross was her top organization choice because it’s a ‘trustable source.’ She decided to make cranes because she felt like it represented Japan in the best way. Also being sold, ribbons in red and white were being created.

ASB members already had an experience with cooperating with a noble cause, when they raised $8,000 for Haiti. Now, their goal is to raise around 5,000 and feel like they have made an impact.

“ I thought the whole crane idea was really creative,” senior Karolina Rojas said, “it’s nice to know organizations in Downey care.”

Lee, her family, and other ASB members have worked hard to make the cranes and ribbons. Ribbons are delivered to teachers’ boxes to be sold to students. Cranes vary in sizes and prizes: small is $1 and large is $5; while the ribbons cost $1 each. Lee hopes the administration gets on board to further their success. During the Haiti fundraising, administration sold tardy sweep hall passes to students.

Normaneer cabinet member, Safa Garawi has also encouraged club members to participate in the noble event.

“I feel like it’s our duty to help them. Because they’re humans, we have to help. We can’t just not do anything for them,” Garawi said.

Normies have decorated tissue boxes with supportive messages about Japan. Hoping to raise at least $2,000, the giving girls have started to take donations with much excitement.

ASB and Normaneers hope to collect as much funds to aid in the ongoing struggle in Japan.