Normaneers paints the town pink

Camerynn Chase, Writer

The Normaneers Club held a car wash on Sat., Feb. 5, in support of finding a cure for cancer. The car wash was set up to help the Normaneer girls raise a fifty-dollar per person pledge for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk in March.

“We’re doing this to help find a cure for breast cancer,” senior, Xiomara Vidrio said. “ I feel proud to be part of a club that supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation.”

The all out pink event contained pink baked goods, pink attire, and pink decorations. The idea of this fundraiser was a group effort spearheaded by the Vice President, Nicole Mujica. She is also responsible for naming the fundraiser, ‘Painting the Town Pink’ inspired by the phrase ‘Painting the Town Red’ which means to go out and have fun.

“To the Normaneers, ‘Painting the Town Pink’ translates to going out and spreading the word about breast cancer, which is exactly what this club strives to do,” Mujica said. “We knew this event needed a catchy name since we wanted it to be an annual event.”

The club adviser, Melody King, counselor, along with previous girls, have participated in the Susan G. Komen walk for many years.

“It strengthens my faith in the youth of America to know that girls care about important causes,” King said. “It is good to know that they not only want to support the foundation but to give up their Saturday.”

Around $700 was made making this fundraising event a success. The Lady Vikes will take their pledge money and participate in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk next month.