Keep up the school spirit


During lunch on Feb. 8, juniors Jennifer Guadamuz and Bryan Avila enjoy their food and show their spirit for Nerd Day. Both Guadamuz and Avila enjoyed participating in this event for the Blacklight Assembly.

Angelica Co, Student Life Editor

To get the students pumped up for the Downey vs. Warren basketball game, the associated student body organized another spirit week which ran from February 7 to the 10. The week started out with Jersey day, followed by Indian and Cowboy day, Nerd day, and then white shirt day to go in accordance with the Blacklight Assembly that was held on Thursday, Feb 10.

In contrast to other spirit weeks, this progressed leisurely as fewer students seem to be interested in dressing up. But ASB president Kristin Maranan has made it a requirement for her members to dress up.

“My ASB members are all required to dress up for the spirit days. I believe that is the way it should be, because how do you expect others to follow when our student leaders do not show a good example,” Maranan said.

As the week dragged on, more and more people began participating.

“I love spirit week,” junior Jacob Perez said. “It really shows our school pride, and it’s a lot of fun because you never know what you’re going to see.”

Different looks were seen all over the campus as Tuesday’s theme received a respectable amount of cowboys and cowgirls walking down the hallways with their plaid shirts and boots. Some were even more determined and wore their hats.

“I found a cowboy hat in my closet and thought, why not? I only get to live high school once,” freshman Cristina Lee-Castro said “and this is my chance to dress up differently.”

But the true school spirit was exposed on Thursday when a great number of students wore their white shirts for the Blacklight Assembly.

“Every year I go to the assemblies and it’s always fun, but it’s even more fun when I’m actually participating in the spirit week since I can show my school spirit even when I’m not playing lacrosse,” junior Adriana Mendoza said.

Several of the students’ shirts were not merely white since many wrote on their shirts with colorful markers further demonstrating the amount of pride they have on their school. The majority of the shirts consisted of students’ graduating year, but many also drew the school’s mascot.

School activities not only allows students and staff to show off their school spirits, but it also gives the students a chance to dress up in unique ways that they might never get a chance to outside of high school. As the year progresses, there will be more activities to come, and students should always remember to show their Viking pride.