Seniors surveyed about college applications


Above is a graph depicting the results from the survey conducted regarding college applications in January 2011. The graph represents the schools which seniors voted as their top choice universities.

Mercy Watkins

Unlike earlier years, a survey of 246 Downey High college bound seniors showed that many graduating students have applied to Cal Poly Pomona amongst any other Universities for the Fall 2011 semester. The survey was conducted in January and included three questions regarding the student’s anticipated major, colleges they applied to, and their first choice school.

Though the votes for top choice university were very diverse, the majority of students stuck to local schools. As expected, Cerritos College was one of the highest picked schools with 24 of the 246 votes. Shortly behind with 25 students was Cal State Long Beach, however, it didn’t measure up to the 33 participants who applied to Cal Poly Pomona as their top choice. More competitive schools such as Princeton, USC and UCLA took only 11 of the votes.

The popularity of Cal Poly Pomona applicants can be related to large number of people wanting to major in Engineering since it is a popular university for that field of study. A staggering 53 students stated that engineering was their anticipated major, followed by 28 choosing Nursing. Psychology and Criminal Justice were also amongst the most popular majors.

This survey was conducted only for the college bound seniors, many of the classes visited had 25 seniors or more.  Though some stated that they were not applying or simply going straight to work, the future looks bright for these seniors.