Future Teachers of America


Those seeking a career in education are a part of the ambitious Future Teachers of America club, which empowers fortunate students the skills to become great influences. Future Teachers of America correlates with ROP Careers in Education, giving students an upper hand in their pursuit. The club wants its members to be proud of their career choice, therefore encouraging them to follow it in every way. These soon-to-be teachers are invested in their future careers for themselves and for the students of tomorrow.

“We want people to be proud to be a future teacher,” senior Stephanie Gomez said, “even if they say there aren’t many jobs out there, we all have a chance and it’s a great career.”

Teaching is not just a career for these members, but an opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life. Every member of the club also takes ROP Careers in Education where they learn much more about their focus. In ROP, students learn how to deal with every type of child and are given the chance to have hands on experience. Currently, members are job training at different schools and get to practice their teaching skills with children. Students go off campus two periods a day and get to be student aids for a school of their choice.  Some lucky aids get to teach the class when the teacher feels the student is ready.

“It’s pretty cool to be able to work with children in an actual work environment,” senior Yaritza De La Mora said.

Members have truly outdone themselves when fundraising. The club is involved in selling donuts on Monday, grams during the holidays, and snacks during track meets. Advisers, Mrs. Vadgama and Mrs. Storey, want to make sure every member gets enough scholarship money. In order to receive financial aid, students must go through an application process that would be verified by ROP supervisors.

“ I really like helping out and the teachers are awesome,” senior Elisa Ruiz said.

The club consists of three presidents: Krystal Meza, Abraham, and Elisa Ruiz. Each president represents the sets of periods ROP offers. President Elisa Ruiz seeks to fundraise and earn more experience throughout the year. Members want to raise adequate funds to have enough scholarship money for their students at the end of the year. Future Teachers of America club participants want to continue dedicating their careers to aiding the future of tomorrow.