Spirit week


On Cat vs. Dog Day, Senior Alejandra Martinez proudly sides with cats as she flaunts a fully painted feline face. Cat vs. Dog Day was the first of many new Spirit Week days which was held from Dec. 6 – 10.

Alejandra Paredes

Marking the beginning of the winter sports season, students participated in the spirit week festivities from Dec. 6-10. From ugly sweater day to the famous Harry Potter house day, themes showcased Viking spirit.

“It’s always nice to see everyone participate for a common cause,” senior Adam Esparza said, “This year’s themes were really creative.”

New themes were seen this year, like cat vs. dog day on Monday, where students chose to either dress up as a cat or dog.

When it came close to Tuesday’s ugly sweater day, morning announcements encouraged Vikings to ask their grandmothers for an ugly sweater. With success, Tuesday’s theme gathered some more spirit.

As Spirit Week continued, the Vikings wore their favorite socks for crazy sock day on Wednesday. Throughout campus, students were seen with different types of outrageous socks including long colorful ones. A couple of people wore shorts that enhanced the look of their socks. Others decided that wearing two different crazy socks would fit the occasion.

On Thursday, students wore shirts that would spell out a phrase or word, signifying Scrabble day. Various groups spelled out phrases like ‘meeshy’ and ‘seniors’, showing their school pride.

“I liked this years Harry Potter theme because I’m a pretty big fan,” senior Anahi Langarica said.

On Friday, the day of the Winter Sports Rally, Harry Potter house day seemed to cause the most uproar. Each grade represented a different house of the Harry Potter series: freshmen were Hufflepuff, sophomores were Ravenclaw, juniors were Slytherin, and last but not least seniors were Gryffindor. The day attracted both positive and negative feedback since not everyone is a fan of Harry Potter. However, for those who were fans, the day was thrilling.

“ I really liked the themes for this year and how Friday’s theme tied in with the rally,” junior Vincent Quigg said.

Spirit week gathered enough followers to create an energetic feel to introduce the Winter sports season.