Downey’s cadets


Among all the planes at Long Beach Airport, senior Jean-Pierre Depart’s airplane stands by ready for training on December 11. “As soon as I get out of boot camp I want to start my training to become a Marine Pilot.” Said Depart.

Mercy Watkins

Seniors Rolando Alvarez and Jean Pierre Dupart have been training at the United States Navel Sea Cadet Core since their Freshmen year; USNSCC is a Military Navel Program that shows the country’s youth what its like to be in Military Positions.

Cadets train at the Navel Base in Seal Beach where they learn about the different military majors they can go into. Many of these majors include doctoring, piloting, construction work, engineering and much more. Along with the training, Cadets are sent on two-week programs across the nation where they can experience procedures in training programs for their military careers. Alvarez describes the training as a type of machine, working together for the same goal.

“During training we do almost everything together. We’re like a well oiled machine, effective and powerful, working together for the same cause,” Alvarez said.

During his sophomore year, Dupart took a two-week Aviation program located at the Georgia Air base where he flew his first airplane. He describes the experience as both scary and exciting, while weather conditions were far worse than California’s could ever be.

“When I flew the plane I felt really scared; it was raining and hailing. Every time, I would get nervous I would drop almost 50 feet at a time but knowing that not many people get a chance to do this really excited me” Dupart said. “I got an adrenalin rush off of it. I know now that that’s what I want to do with my life.”

The two-week trips bring the cadets closer to each other living almost like a family and making bonds that will last a lifetime. They train together, live together, and sleep together.

“The program itself is like a brotherhood you meet people that will touch your life and people that you touch theirs.” Dupart said,” You know you’ll never forget them and they wont forget you. It’s an unbreakable bond.”

Most of the people who entered the USNSCC have planned to go into military based job after high school or college. Alvarez plans to go to college for a degree in engineering. As our cadets, they are bettering themselves for the improvement of the country.