A winter at Hogwarts


The Viking dance team once again performs during a rally encouraging students to attend winter sports games. The dance team choreographed a new routine specifically for the winter assembly on Dec. 10.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

Students walked through platform 9 ¾ on Dec. 3 into the Harry Potter Winter Sports Rally. The gym was transformed into Hogwarts as each class was put into a house. Seniors were Gryffindor, juniors were Slytherin, sophomores were Ravenclaw, and the freshman class was Hufflepuff.

ASB spent countless hours making posters with Harry Potter characters, spells, charms, and settings. Colored balloons decorated the gym as they corresponded with each house.

“The decorations looked really well. I think ASB captured the spirit of Harry Potter,” junior Caroline Tran said.

Harry Potter is a favorite among students; therefore choosing a theme was not a hard decision.

“We have many Harry Potter fans in ASB, and when I was thinking of themes it was around the movie’s release so it was an obvious choice,” ASB member Lisa Guerrero said.

This year’s winter sports rally consisted of a smaller audience. Junior and sophomores stands were almost empty while senior and freshman stands were crowded. Although the audience was smaller, students still delivered a great amount of energy.

“When I was performing, I didn’t really care about the empty stands. I could still feel the crowd’s enthusiasm,” dance team member Jessica Michel said.

Despite the small numbers in attendance, this year’s winter sports rally successfully introduced the upcoming sports of basketball, water polo, soccer, and wrestling, getting students geared up for what’s to come.