Advanced Photography captures smiles


Squatting to get the perfect shot, Ashley Evans, 12, photographs a family on Nov. 21 in the Advanced Photo Program’s studio for a family portrait. Advanced Photography arranged a photo shoot for families to raise funds and gain experience.

Alejandra Paredes

In an attempt to gain practice, the Advance Photo class took family portraits and Christmas card pictures on November 22. Throughout the day, family members of students and staff arrived in room O-2 prepared to model for the camera.

Mrs. Cordova, who organized the same shoot last year, hopes to make this an annual event. This year, Cordova sent emails to the whole school staff letting them know about the shoot and allowing them to reserve a spot. It was also up to the students to bring in clientele and design the Christmas cards. Each student devised a unique card that would be displayed for the families to choose and order their pictures from.

“I enjoyed it because they [families] felt very confident,” senior Advanced Photo student, Mariela Alvarez said.“They were smiling and relaxed.”

The photographers arrived around nine in the morning to start setting up for their sho ots. Setting up included positioning the lights and backdrops to fit the scenarios as well as preparing order forms for the families.  Each student would be responsible for a family, as the photographers were involved in every aspect of the process. Each one tended to the customers’ needs: ordering pictures, posing, and selection of the possible portraits. The prospective photographers used these learned techniques to direct their subjects and capture the perfect photo.

“I wanted them [students] to have a real-world experience,” photo teacher, Mrs. Cordova said. “When the families came in, they had to introduce themselves and direct them to pose and set the lighting, edit pictures, package, and deliver.”

Cordova wanted her students to experience a real life situation when dealing with customers. They were exposed to the different people they may encounter while they to work as photographers. Not only did they gain knowledge of the career, but they were also able to solicit for a great cause. The shoot was also intended to raise funds for the end-of-the-year students’ scholarships. Cordova sees the class almost like a job environment, as they work towards experiencing and gaining skill for their own benefit.

“It’s not as easy as it seems, it’s challenging but fun,” senior Gabriela Cabrera said.

Smiles were of great importance the day of the shoot, as children and families alike gleamed in front of the camera.  Advance Photo has many events in store for the year, one including another family portrait shoot in May. Students learn to practice their skills and show the school their potential.