Divas Take the Costume Contest


The two finalists in the costume contest fight for cheers in hopes of winning the competition at the Rally stage on Friday, Oct. 29 The divas, on the left, won the costume contest, while Barry 1, 2, and 3, on the right came in second place.

Thomas Beltran

On the eve when ghouls, goblins, and monsters are dressed up for Halloween, the annual costume contest was held October 28 during B lunch at the rally stage. As crowds emerged from all over the campus, people admired the costumes on stage.

From Scooby Doo to Shrek, sophomore and ASB representative Carlos Valenzuela who was hysterically dressed at Bruno, presented contestants on stage.

“I really like all of the costumes, especially Barry 1, 2, 3,” says sophomore Carlos Valenzuela. “There was a substantial amount of people in our crowd and it was very pleasing.”

Before the contest began, more than a dozen ambitious costume goers crowded the stage in hopes of winning the abundance of candy. The way contestants moved through to the next round by ASB representative Brianna Rodriguez raising her hand over a contestant, and then the crowd surrounding the stage would cheer. Whoever got the most cheers stayed on the stage; the one’s who didn’t, joined their classmates surrounding the stage.

“I got my costume idea from the movie, I like the movie so I just decided to be a man in black.” Said senior Steven Johnson.

As the first round finished the stage was left with the Divas, a man in black, Charlie Chaplin, and Barry 1, 2, 3; by this point our frontrunners seemed to be the Divas and the Barry Trio.  Halfway through the second round, you felt the crowd praise the Divas and the Barry’s just as the “resurrected” Charlie Chaplin and man in black were eliminated. The third round was underway and it seemed as though the contest was set at a stalemate. The crowd supporting the Divas roared just enough to allow them to win and Barry 1, 2, 3 had to say their goodbyes.

“It was last minute, and I was getting a lot of comments on how funny our costumes were, but I didn’t think we would win,” senior, and diva, Ian Pacheco said.

Even though there was only one winner all of the contestants were cheered on by the crowd to congratulate their efforts. The annual Costume Contest always brings something exciting to the campus, but this year it was a contest to remember.