Illuminate that spirit

Angelica Co, Student Life Editor

To welcome the arrival of the Homecoming game and dance, Vikings took part in Spirit Week held on October 12-15.  From tank top day, to stoplight day, to college day, to tie day, the students and staff participated and showed their school spirit.

“I like participating because it’s fun to do different things and be out of the norm once in a while” junior Elisha Adeagbo said.

With the cooperation of the hot weather, students came to school on Tuesday wearing their dress code approved tank tops.

When it came to Wednesday’s stoplight day, the Vikings flaunted their relationship status according to the stoplight colors.  A number of students showed that they were single and wore green.  Some were unafraid to show that they were dating or ‘talking’ to a special someone and wore yellow.  However, the ones in a relationship were gladly dressed in red.

As the Spirit Week continued, the Vikings wore their favorite college gear on Thursday.  The students paraded in the hallways with their college sweatshirts or college shirts.  A variety of colleges were seen all over the campus.

“I like college day because students get a chance to represent the college they would like to attend” junior Miriam Escamilla said.

On the day of the Homecoming, Friday, students and staff participated in the last day of Spirit Week and put on their ties.

A number of students took part in Spirit Week, but the ASB Commissioner of Pep, Spirit, and Assembly Lisa Guerrero still anticipates for more students to join as the year progresses.

“I want to make the themes easier so more students will participate,” Guerrero said.  “I also wish teachers and coaches could push their kids to participate more.”

With more Spirit Weeks to come, Guerrero still has more plans that students will enjoy.  There will be more opportunities for the Vikings to prove their school spirit.