Cali Rally

Alejandra Paredes

Enthusiasm was evident at the memorable Fall Rally on Friday, Sept. 17 in the gym, hosted by the innovative ASB to promote the beginning of fall sports. The crowd arrived to the California themed assembly eager to find this year’s plans for the highly anticipated rally. School spirit protruded as each sport was introduced, marking the beginning of a series of hopeful victories.

Planning began three weeks in advance. In the process, ASB claimed that other themes like Toy Story were no match against the “California” theme. Katy Perry’s famous single, “California Gurls” inspired this year’s theme. Landmarks, such as an imitation of the first McDonald’s and a panorama of San Francisco, were only part of the surrounding décor.

One by one, each coach, giving the crowd the chance to see all the players,introduced each sport. The audience cheered girl’s golf, tennis, volleyball, and boy’s water polo team.

“ It was a good rally, very motivating, “ said one of the captains of the football team, Armando Perez.

The most creative compilation was the football team’s unexpected production. The team formed a huddle and recited one of their famous chants. As they spread apart, two seniors popped out and began rapping a song about Downey football. Gabriel Estrada and Jamiah Lindsey exhilarated the audience with their original rap. Not only was everyone surprised, but in awe of their hidden talent.

“After hearing the crowd, wow. That was a great feeling” Estrada said.

The crowd went wild after the epic performance. The rap group, Royal Dynasty, received all the love and praise they deserved. Another part of the group includes producer Robert Molina and promoter Khalil Shashati.

“ I was excited, because we’ve never had a live performance,” ASB member, Lisa Guerrero, said.

The performance, school spirit, and introduction of sports created the type of atmosphere cherished throughout the school.