Fresh spirit

Brandon Pineda

As an enthusiastic introduction of the school year, students actively participated in Spirit Week on Sept. 13-17. With themes ranging from Tacky Tourist day to the classic Pajama day. This year, students were introduced to new themes developed by the Associated Student Body. Though some of these themes are classic, ASB aspired for original, clever themes.

“This year, our ASB staff went to a leadership convention called the California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA) in which other student governments share ideas to help increase school pride,” ASB President Kristin Maranan said. Through CADA, ASB was allowed to experiment with different ideas that would better suit the students.

The convention gave ASB a range of topics to choose from and they had to decide on four themes. Commissioner of Pep Lisa Guerrero was in charge of deciding the designated themes.

“Through camp, I had to decide from many different ideas from the most creative people. It was difficult to manage new ideas to the ideas that the most people would be inclined to participate,” Lisa Guerrero said.

Though many people dressed up for most themes, spirit was lacking with the fresh underclassmen. There were many students exposing their spirit, however,  more students were less inclined to participate

“Do not be afraid to participate,” Maranan said, “Do not be afraid to be ridiculous! We encourage that.”

In addition, Spirit Week was successful within school clubs, sports, and organizations. “I am glad to see most of the Downey leaders having their students and classes dress up and spreading school spirit,” Maranan said.

Senior Diana Cho engaged in the spirit activities and enjoyed utilizing her pride by dressing up on the famous Pajama Day.

“I enjoyed participating for our school. It doesn’t take much time to dress up whacky. It’s easier to dress ridiculous and it is more fun,” Diana Cho said, “It is important to dress up and attempt to show school spirit.”

Even teachers were participating in the event. Many of the teachers in the English Department and Language departments joined to serve as an example. English teacher, Mrs. Carlson, participated along with the rest of the campus by dressing up on all the spirit days.

“I find Spirit Week fun. It allows teachers and students to participate in something exciting to express school spirit,” Mrs.Carlson said. “I participate in attempt to get the students to start participating.”

This is one time of year the campus allows the student body to participate and dress ridiculously. Participation is imperative to exemplify school spirit. Spirit week will occur very soon.