Back to school blues

Camerynn Chase

With the start of a new year, returning Vikes feel the sudden shock of the end of the summer like fiends withdrawing from a three-month sugar binge. Most students say that summer is a time of late nights, even later mornings, and spur of the moment plans with your friends.

“What I liked most about summer was the fact that I could just wake up whenever I wanted and pack my bags and go to the beach,” junior Jasmine Paiz said.   “Now I can’t because I have school.

Many students are having trouble coping with the slap of 6:00 am mornings again and often doze off in class even this early on in the year.

“ In the summer I used to go to sleep at like two or three in the morning and wake up at like eleven or twelve the next day,” senior Jackie Flot,  “now that I’m in school I gotta go to sleep before the next day basically. I’m like in this routine, it’s hard to break.”

The students aren’t the only ones who are feeling “The Back to School Blues.” The teachers are right there with the kids.

“During the summer, I would wake up at 8:00 am and talk to my son on Skype,” Mr. Guthrie, ROP law enforcement teacher, said. “There’s a 12-hour difference from here to where he’s at in Iraq. He’s a black hawk over there and now I can only talk with him on Saturdays and Sundays because I go to work from 6:00 am to 12. I mean it’s alright I guess, but I was talking to him everyday.” He also misses his early morning surfing trips.

Some teachers are more pained by the new school years than others such as new mother Mrs. Hill and newlywed Mrs. Moore-Curtis. Mrs. Hill, English teacher, who brought her new baby into the world just before the end of last year said,

“I definitely miss my son. I go home during my prep period really quickly to see him and my husband tries to bring him to me at around 2:00 so I could see him,” She said. “It’s hard when I’m used to seeing him all day long.”

So if you happen to be coming down with the “blues” then do what everyone else is doing to pass the time until the next summer vacation: count down the days till the end of the year!